Wednesday, June 27, 2007


In what appears to be a desperate attempt to keep the writing spirit afloat, I'm turning to the one thing that always makes me smile - lots of soft, colorful, squeezable yarn. Big fat skeins and little skinny ones. Come one, come all.

We went to the Estes Park Wool Market this year on the weekend of June 16. It was fantastic and being the first of its kind that I've attended I was delighted. All that yarn and all those beautiful animals sure are a form of sensory overload.
There were so many stalls in the vendor tent that in the initial half hour or so I just looked around trying to figure out where to shop first. I ended up being drawn in by the bright colors outside the Brooks Farm stall and having gotten there early, had a good selection to choose from. The colors were simply gorgeous. There was plenty of fleece and roving in the other stalls, but I don't spin (yet) so I reluctantly settled for just burying my hands in the bin. Lots of finished clothing too. One of my favorite stalls was definitely the Yarn Place (stall 88) which had a board that said "SKASKA DESIGNS". It was full of the most beautiful lace yarns I've seen. The finished samples were simply stunning. I do wish I would hurry up and get better at lace work.
Here are pics of the beauties that chose to come home with me. In my next post, I will write about the animals I wish I'd been able to bring home with me. And some photographs that'll show you what I mean.

100% alpaca by Switzer Land Farm - one 8oz skein and two 2oz skeins (will become 2 scarves for Mr.P and pop)
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Fine lace weight yarn by Yarn Place - in a gorgeous melon color, 45% tencel and 55% merino. Approx 4.2oz, 3100 yds (for a lace shawl from VLT)
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Acero by Brooks Farm - Superwash wool, silk and viscose. Approx 4oz, 420 yds each - 3 skeins in a gorgeous dark orange rust shades (for a short sleeve top)
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Painted Wuxi by Textiles A Mano - 50% silk and 50% wool - Approx 660yd in shades of brown and green (a shawl for my MIL)
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100% hand-dyed alpaca by A Star - approx 665 yd in browns and rust and bronze (a shawl for mom)
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I also checked out one LYS near our new place. It's called My Sister Knits. A really cute little yarn shop located in the old part of town in what used to be a carriage house. They have plenty of wool and a little of everything else. I sure didn't want to come home empty handed so I bought some lovely Frog Tree merino yarn for a shawl. I'm still on my 3 months hiatus but came to some unexpected cash so I figured it was ok. Forgot to take pictures when there was sunlight today so it will have to wait until next post.

I've taken out my WIPs again and have slowly begun making up for so much lost time *sigh*
Hmm.. do you think machine knitting will be as satisfying?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Let's play catch

...up. OK, so it's been alarmingly close to a month since my last post. There are computer days, knitting days, cooking days, nothing days. These last couple of weeks they've been mostly nothing days. A move does that to you. But thanks to much application of brawns (Mr. P's) and brains (mine before they fried), we're almost settled into the new place (except for a few boxes that refused to be tamed).

All the WIP knitting has, sadly, taken to spending its time in the storage ottoman. In an effort to get it to see more sunlight, I've tried cajoling, threats, yelling et al. Now am beginning to think treats maybe? Sometimes bribery'll get you where you wanna go. Actually, most times. Does colourmart's sample pack sound like a fair offer? Hmm.

Remember I mentioned a project and posted a teaser pic in my last post? What it was a little thank you gift for my yarn swap partner. A little hand sewed, hand embroidered bag filled with some hand dyed yarn, some angora blend yarn, a bookmark, those pretty blue stitch markers and a lavender sachet. I got the most sweet email thanking me :)

Yep, the cord on the bag is knitted. An i-cord actually made with SWTC Bamboo.

Many knitty wishes your way until next post!