Friday, March 30, 2007

Did I say spring???

Sure doesn't look like spring does it? But it melted rapidly and looked pristine for a while.

And hey look what I made! A stitch marker. Isn't it pretty? So easy to make and so many choices.

Mesilla is coming along pretty well. I separated the sleeves from the body and will soon join the body in the round. I'm feeling optimistic.. will I finish by next weekend? Will it fit? Hmm?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sight for hungry eyes

Do I have a sweet tooth? Yes. Raging.
Do I like chocolates/candy? No.
Do I like ice cream? No (mostly).
Do I like traditional western cookies? No.
Do I like traditional iced cakes? Yes to making them and no to eating them.
Do I like traditional Indian sweets? No to most and yes to some.
Do I have a sweet tooth? Yes. Raging. Very. *sigh*

I love this recipe and make it often. It's a Greek christmas cookie called Melomakarona and it is totally delectable. Makes a ton and keeps for over 2 months atleast. I sent a few to the friend that got the MSCS and kept the rest in a tin so I can eye it longingly from time to time.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

FO - Malabrigo Ribbed Scarf

Pattern: k2p2 ribbing
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted merino in colorway "Dark Earth", 1 skein
Cast on 20 sts.
Row1: k1,*k2, p2* repeat 9 times, k1
Row2: k1, *p2, k2* repeat 9 times, k1
Continue rows 1 and 2 until the scarf is desired length. Bind off in pattern.

Friday, March 23, 2007

FO - My So Called Scarf

Pattern: My So Called Scarf
Yarn: Bulky 6-ply merino from in color Bombon
Mods: I cast on 24 sts instead of the 30 called for, using size 13 needles instead of 11. I bound off using k2tog instead of k1 to prevent flaring. Let's see... what else? I added a 4" fringe on either side. Of course. I used up about 1½ hanks and the resulting scarf is 4" wide and 69" long without fringe. I wet blocked it, and it really made the sts stand out.

The yarn I used is very soft and has a lovely hand, but a few things to note - it is bulky, it is 6-ply not single spun as I originally thought, and it is easily felted so work with care. It doesn't split, doesn't pill.

And now I'm gonna have to give away this pritty pritty scarf *sigh*

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Funk not so funky

I've been in a cooking funk lately and it's making me miserable. Not to mention other hungry members of this household. I can't seem to bring myself to cook anything beyond the basic so here's the result of my herculean effort today.
A pot of dal to be served with chapati and achar.

The colorful MSCS is still happily pinned to the gingham - my first real attempt at wet blocking. Whaddya know, it works! I'm going to finish the fringe maybe tomorrow then it'll officially become an FO.

And I cast on and knit a few inches of Mesilla. It's an easy pattern so far, but I suspect I'll be scrambling to take back those words in no time.
And yeah my first guage swatch wasn't quite the success either. Initially I knit a flat version and the fabric was too loose for my taste. Then I figured I should swatch in the round because the top is knit in the round. Do I own correct needles sizes in 16" or DPNs? No. So, this kind lady on KH tells me it can be done on a circular by not turning your work every row. I do that and viola! Fabric is much denser, but I just cannot get guage. size 8 gives me 4.5, size 9 appears to give me 4.5 as well, size 10 makes an open fabric and gives me 3.5 - 4. I needed 4. So, I just decided to knit one size larger on size 9. And now I find out all the neck/yoke is knit in the flat. My super loose purl. *sigh*
Here it is seconds before trying to fly off the balcony-

How come it's only thursday???

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And here's proof!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring is just around the corner!

Much as I like having a proper winter, there are few things that make me as happy as warm spring weather. Yay for this gorgeous mild breezy day!

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And in the distance -

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In celebration I bought this a couple of weeks ago on sale:

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Can you see how plush, soft and yummy it is? It's Misti Alpaca Cotton & Pima in Buttercream. I'm not crazy about the color, so once I knit it up I may dye it. Haven't thought that through yet, we'll see how it looks. As for what to make with it, I've searched high and low for something simple, light, summery and yet special. Let me save you the trouble - it's well hidden. So, I decided to design my own and started making notes and sketches. Then I thought, design my own top when I'm knitting a garment for the very first time?? Uh huh no way. So, now I've sort of settled on Mesilla by Stefanie Japel. I think it's a really cute top and pretty simple too.
I'm waiting to finish the My So Called Scarf before I start swatching for this.

Speaking of scarves, I'm almost done with the MSCS and about 24 inches into the Malabrigo ribbed scarf. The cascade bag and fan and feather lace scarf have been put on hold until I complete these scarves (they take forever). Coming up: FO pictures in next post!

In a fit of homesickness, I made this the other day:

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It is called "Shamige Uppittu" and it is a popular South Indian breakfast dish made from vermicilli. It turned out to be exactly what I needed.

Happy weekend, world!